Monday, August 3, 2009

updates !

I promised all of you that i'd have different body types and styles on the blog.
and my promise is slowly becoming reality!
I will have a few more models joining the crew,
one with a petite frame, the other tall; in contrast with Ardin's athletic shape!
i also will have better photography, in order to enhance the quality and visual of the pictures!
stay goregous <3

Calista Dawn

Night time boyfriend jeans ; )

So, i've taught you kiddies day-time boyfriend jean looks,
simple right? a tight top to balance the baggyness.
Well, it doesn't take a genius to discover how to pull them off at night!
Rock the same essential idea from the day: a fitted top.
BUT, why not throw on some heels, to show off the leg? you don't need an uber tight, micro mini
to show off your legs. That leaves no imagination!
With the heels, and fitted shirt, it only leaves the crowd imagining the rest of your body
give it a try!

Calista Dawn