Tuesday, July 28, 2009

the thing you thought you'd never wear.

Why not shake things up? if you pair something you thought you could never pull off, such as the tribal beaded bag on Ardin, with some chilled, cute pieces, you'll singlehandedly be starting your own new trend. be fearless and stay goregous!

Calista Dawn

Monday, July 27, 2009

eye-poping scarves and shredded shorts

who says you have to be all prettied up, and glamorous for a weekend? the perfect chill-out outfit should consist of your very worn and torn cutoffs, a comfortable loose fitting T, and paired with your comfiest sneakers, you're ready for anything! you can hit up a cozy coffee shop, or roam the streets window-shopping. But what if you want to take this to the next level? throw on a bright scarf, ; ) its bound to bring attention. the coolest part? its totally affordable! a little of the old [ cutoff jeans ], with a little new [ scarf ? ].

Calista Dawn

steal your boyfriends jeans !

most of you might ask:
how the heck do i wear boyfriend jeans?
well kids, it's easy! balance a tight, fitted shirt
with the baggy pants, so it doesnt appear like you're drowning in the fabric. The look Ardin's rocking right now, is easy for the weekend, and even school! keep updated for a night-time boyfriend jeans look.
Calista Dawn

hide and seek? thats the past!

Tip: want to hide some of your body to the world? Pair a cute summer dress with a sinched waist, with a cut blazer, it makes you appear 10 times thinner, and, who doesnt look adorably intelligent in a get up like this? Ardin does ; )

Calista Dawn

Sunday, July 26, 2009


Everyone knows that when there's fashion, there is models. ; )
Well, fellow citizens, i introduce: ARDIN LACEY
Just like me, she wants to break-through in a cut-throat, challenging industry.
not Fashion, but Modelling.
With her goregous looks, she will model off all the clothing shown throughout the blog.
Make her feel welcome guys, you all know you'll drool.

Calista Dawn
Welcome Bloggers, this is my new & most official blog.
My REAL name, you'll never know ; ) call me Calista Dawn
I'm 16, and I am extremely determined to end up in the fashion industry.
You might laugh now, but I won't go down without a full-hearted attempt, bloggers.

Growing up in an average-salary family in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, hasn't been the easiest or biggest stepping stone to the fashion world. So i thought, why not use the internet? It's international, easy, and if Perez Hilton can become famous with a gossip blog, why can't I use it to my best advantage? I know what I'm getting myself into, the fashion industry is cut-throat and extremely competitive. But I never back down from a challenge, and pick myself up when I lose it.

I can't afford the high-priced, uber expensive labels, since my clothes comes from my part-time job salary. But, I make the best of it. I recycle my clothes, you never know when it'll come back again! and I made a new best friend: the sewing machine.
Boyfriend jeans come from my old baggy hip hop jean pants, yes i dance.
Short summer dresses come from extra-long maxi dresses that wash out my 5'4 frame.
Shrunken longsleeves, become cute half-sleeves.

Oh no! I started rambling : P
I'll make this short and sweet,
the purpose of this blog, folks? Easy Fashion, affordable & for EVERYONE!
I want to give tips, and advice to those who need it, help them with their self-esteem issues, and teach them how to dress that. Who needs wallet-killer prices, when everything is in the easy-access of YOUR closet. Everything will be directed to different body types, styles, and so much more!

Calista Dawn