Sunday, July 26, 2009

Welcome Bloggers, this is my new & most official blog.
My REAL name, you'll never know ; ) call me Calista Dawn
I'm 16, and I am extremely determined to end up in the fashion industry.
You might laugh now, but I won't go down without a full-hearted attempt, bloggers.

Growing up in an average-salary family in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, hasn't been the easiest or biggest stepping stone to the fashion world. So i thought, why not use the internet? It's international, easy, and if Perez Hilton can become famous with a gossip blog, why can't I use it to my best advantage? I know what I'm getting myself into, the fashion industry is cut-throat and extremely competitive. But I never back down from a challenge, and pick myself up when I lose it.

I can't afford the high-priced, uber expensive labels, since my clothes comes from my part-time job salary. But, I make the best of it. I recycle my clothes, you never know when it'll come back again! and I made a new best friend: the sewing machine.
Boyfriend jeans come from my old baggy hip hop jean pants, yes i dance.
Short summer dresses come from extra-long maxi dresses that wash out my 5'4 frame.
Shrunken longsleeves, become cute half-sleeves.

Oh no! I started rambling : P
I'll make this short and sweet,
the purpose of this blog, folks? Easy Fashion, affordable & for EVERYONE!
I want to give tips, and advice to those who need it, help them with their self-esteem issues, and teach them how to dress that. Who needs wallet-killer prices, when everything is in the easy-access of YOUR closet. Everything will be directed to different body types, styles, and so much more!

Calista Dawn

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